Thursday, March 17, 2011

Practical Tips For Your Home Sweet Home

I wanted to start off with practical tips I either picked up somewhere or learned on my own. I find shortcuts and tips help me run my home smoother make my life easier :)

 Take what you want out of it and spin it the way you like it. Whatever works for you, I know everyone's homes all have different needs.

1. Glass bread pans make excellent containers for leftovers. I have mini loaf pans and I love them. If you have your main course and a veggie, you just put them on opposite sides of the dish and voila'!

2. If you have a Swifer and don't want to buy the expensive wet pads, use a cloth and your own cleaner. I just get a cleaning cloth and spray the floor down with my own cleaner, then mop! You can even sweep with a cloth if you don't want to buy the dry pads.

3. Don't throw away those big ol' pretzel containers. I get Utz's pretzels in this huge barrel. I use them to put cereal in (2 boxes at a time), toys or whatever you want.

4. If you don't feel like using those ripe bananas,  peel and freeze. They make an excellent addition to smoothies or you can thaw when you are ready and make bread.

5. Slow cook when you can. I love love my slow cooker. I don't use it nearly as much, but when I do, I do not regret it!! It feels good to know dinner is out of the way early so you can tackle other things.

6. Buy two of everything. When I go to the store, I always buy two so I will never run out. If I keep that buy two mentality, I will have backup when things get tight. Even when inflation hits and people are paying triple...I will have my little stash :)

7. Use coconut oil. This has so many uses it's not even funny. You can buy a 5 gallon bucket for a pretty reasonable price. Let me give you some examples of how I use it. I pop popcorn with it, much healthier and tastes yummy. I sometimes cook my eggs in it. Make french toast in it, make diaper cream, toothpaste, season my cast iron pans with it...endless. You can even use it on your skin! You can make biscuits with them and every recipe that calls for shortening (HORRIBLE FOR YOU), you can substitute coconut oil.

I think that's it for me...I could go on for days, but the kids are awake and we need to start our day!!!

What are some good tips you guys have? Maybe I can borrow them!!

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