Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results of the Almond Milk

Whew. That's what I have to say. Having babies sick takes up all my time and the almond milk I made has been gone for a little while. Sorry !! I guess that's the beauty of having your own blog. Anyway, I made's OK. I have to perfect it a little but I can definitely see the plus side to making it. I was able to fill almost a quart. I used a sieve instead of cheesecloth because I was so busy and it worked pretty good.

Things I have learned about this milk making process:

1. It really is easy.
2. You can spin it the way you like it.
3. I think I will add vanilla next time.
4. It makes a killer blueberry muffin..I used the almond milk instead of regular.

There you are, folks. Now I have to run..I'm eating dinner and typing and listening to one child sleep soundly, the other throwing his dinner all over the kitchen floor. Busy life!!


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