Friday, April 1, 2011

The Comparing Game

I like playing games. The right kind of night...the right kind of friends or family. It's fun! The Last Word is probably my favorite..that and Taboo.

There are some games we shouldn't play The Comparing Game.

The Comparing Game is not fun. You almost never win (unless you are being prideful) and the opponent usually has to be insulted to lose. You leave the game feeling down on yourself and wonder why you just can't be as pretty as the next girl or as orderly as another. You can also leave feeling good about yourself and that you have it much more than her! It's endless and mindless and will leave you so discontent with yourself and your life you will not be...yourself!

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We all have something about us that is unique.

When we go to a friend's house..what goes through our mind? How they decorated? How clean or messy the house is? What they are wearing? How they act? Sometimes we will have friends that seem like their life is perfect. IT'S NOT! No one's life is perfect. Sometimes we will have friends that seem like their life is chaotic and out of order. This comparing thing goes both ways.

No matter how you look at the all stems from the same ugly thing....PRIDE. When you care about someone else's opinion or are trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing..that's pride. Ouch. Yep, I said it. It's not like I am innocent of it, I am as guilty as the next person. But when I truly look at my heart and see why I am comparing myself to always comes out as pride. Whether I am thinking I am better at something or that I lack in an area compared to my friend or family member, it all comes back to me.

Frankly, I think we live too much in a "me" world. It's all about me and my wants and desires. I need "me" time...I need..I....I....I....I!!!!! Don't get me wrong, there are times I like to go out and have Grandma watch the kids and have a white mocha latte at Starbucks. I am not saying deprive yourself of essentials needs and space. There just should be a balance. The Lord calls us to serve can we do that when we are so focused on ourselves? How can we truly be happy for our friends when we can't stop comparing ourselves to what they have? To what they are and we are not??

Let's just stop playing the wrong kind of games and be happy for eachother! Your friend might have a cleaner house than you, but maybe you are able to get along with your husband and she cannot. You might have a thrifty way about you and it makes you feel good to save money, but don't look down on your friend who seems to spends her money carelessly. You might not know the whole situation. You might judge someone for not having any children....maybe they cannot have any are torn apart about it. Even if someone does something frivolous, who are you to look down on them? I am sure they can bring up a couple things about you as well!!

Whether you are a size 10 or a size 23, it shouldn't matter. Most of us always want what we don't have. If you have curly hair, it usually means you desire straight....brown eyes, blue eyes...short, tall....the list is endless.

We can find true contentment only after we are humbled, realizing that no matter what we have physically attained, we can never measure up to the One who is perfect in every way. Jesus is our true example of humility. He was God on earth and washed dirty feet. He had compassion on prostitutes and the dregs of society. He was The King of Kings and He chose to die for us...imperfect and sinful.In Him, we are complete and fulfilled.

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