Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Practical Tips for Your Home Sweet Home

Here are some more tested and tried tips for your home. Sorry to bore you, I just really like it when things are made easier for me :)

If you put an apple in a bag of potatoes, they WILL NOT sprout eyes. I tried it because I didn't believe it, but it worked!! They just start to wrinkle in stead of sprout, so you still want to use them up pretty quick. It makes them easier to peel without those eyes!

Turn your bathroom light off when you clean the mirror, the heat of the bulbs makes it streak.

Use newspaper to wash your windows. Spray your window cleaner and use a piece of old newspaper, you'd be surprised at how well it works. No dirty towel, just throw away the paper.

If you get stung by a bee or spider...cut a piece of onion and place on the sting to draw it out and soothe. I use a bandaid to hold it in place. This has to be done right at the first or it will not work.

Keep a bag in your car that has extra clothes for the children along with other items you might need. We got stuck in town one evening and had to stay the night in a hotel because of the snow. No problem! The kids had clothes and all the things needed for baths and diapering. Make sure you restock after use.

Baking soda is my friend. I use it for so many things. My favorite is for scrubbing. If the bathtub/toilet gets grimy and you want to scrub away the scum, don't buy those harsh cleaners with bleach. Use your regular cleaner with a little bit of soda sprinkled on top and it will scrub like the best of them.

If you have little ones and you are tired of cutting everything up for them to eat...use kitchen scissors. It "cuts" (I love corny puns) the time in half and you can still have your teeny pieces for the kids.

If you have coloring books for the kids, rip out a page and photocopy it.. they will last much longer and you won't have your child struggling over holding the book open to color.

I could go on for days...but I will stop here. Hope this helps!!

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