Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time to Simplify

Spring is here!! Well, I guess that depends on where you live. My Mom said it has been snowing lately in Utah! So we will just go by the date :)

I think it's time to do some spring cleaning and de-clutter after this crazy winter!! I wanted to challenge all of you to take a second look at what you have and before you pack it away...think twice. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Does your child really need 25 pairs of jeans and 30 tops? You might want to simplify and get rid of half. I received so many clothes for my boys that there were times they wore their outfits twice! My 3 year old has his favorite shirts and jackets, so he wears alot of the same stuff. He grows out of them fast, it just makes sense to simplify and buy higher quality items and have less than have a closet so full of clothes you forget what you have.

2. Do you really need all those clothes yourself? When is the last time you wore that outfit? We have the same view as our children, we tend to wear our favorite outfits. If you haven't worn it in the last 6 months, chances are you might not wear it anytime soon. Might want to do that with your shoes as well (did I hear some gasps?).

3. Will your children hold an eternal grudge if you de-clutter their toys and books? If they do not have an interest in the games, toys and books you are holding might want to get rid of those and make room for the things they really like and use. I rotate my toys by age. I have infant/toddler toys and pack those away once my kids grow out of them. I get out the older toys and if they do not have an interest in something and it is just taking up space, I either give it away or re-pack to see if they will like it later.I am planning on de-cluttering again this spring because I now know what my children are interested in and I can get rid of some items confident they will not care.

4. You have how many books and movies? Sometimes we all have a tendency to keep books we will never read again or a movie we will never think about watching. Hold onto what you use and watch, you would be amazed at how much room you have. Sell your books and movies (even CD's for that matter) on Ebay or Amazon and make a little extra money for your family!!

5. Old Furniture- do you have any laying around in a basement or room that is not being used? Why don't you bless someone and see if they need something to fill their homes? If you have an old couch, table or loveseat just collecting dust, I am sure you know of a couple just starting out or a single person wanting to trek out on their own. There are some people out there that don't want to go into debt to get the coolest and latest stuff.

6. Kitchen Gadgets are such the craze. Think hard about the last time you used your Foreman grill or that hot chocolate mixer. When you get a kitchen item that is multi-purpose it saves money, space and time. Get rid of the items you normally do not use. Sell those at a yard sale and set aside that money for a big purchase in your kitchen. You can save up for a fridge, mixer, blender..anything that is high quality but cannot justify the price. Put the money away and when you earned enough, go buy something you will use!!!

I am aware that there are some of you out there..that don't want to get rid of ANYTHING! My Mom would call you a pack rat. Though some things are held onto for good memories, your life and mind would be so much more de-cluttered....if you de-cluttered!! It feels good to know everything you have in the house is used and not wasting space. It makes you feel more in control of your home when you have everything you use and all that extra space for..maybe grocery supplies and such. My sister Shiloh used to tease me because she would ask where something was in my cupboards and I would tell her what shelf and what side it was on. My husband asks me where things are and 9 times out of 10 I know exactly where it is. I am not saying get rid of all your keepsakes, but think about things before you store them. I had a picture of my brother and I had no where to put it. My Mom was so excited when I gave her the picture! It meant alot to me, but it meant even more to her!

I am aware we have seasonal clothes, so I am not saying get rid of one season and keep the rest. Use your judgment and just keep in mind..the more you have...the more you lose track of what you have! Why don't you try it and get back with me to see how you did?? Maybe I will post your little de-cluttering journey!!!

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  1. Very helpful, Season, and encouraging! I'm going to go step by step! Books are a problem area for me. I have books, practically, all of them from my childhood! Plus many more added over the years!