Friday, May 27, 2011

I Need Some Inspiration/Random-ness

It seems like I haven't written in over a decade. I am so busy with things I haven't found the time to sit down and write....which ALWAYS makes me feel better. Kids have been cantankerous, then they got sick (makes sense now), in the midst of them getting over it my husband and I got sick....the electrician was here tying up loose ends for our rough-in inspection on the addition. I work out of my home busy busy. It's all good busy though. I am thankful I can work out of my home and understand how rare that is now a days.

Now I am blowing my never-ending stuffed nose and my 1 year old thinks that's pretty funny. He's eating crackers like a pro and my three year old just can't get over the fact that Papa is the boss. I am trying to establish that Papa is the boss of the whole household....even Mama. He is really trying to wrap his head around that one. It's hard to lay out what it all's not like Chris rules with an iron fist and tells me to do strange and unhealthy things (I am positive some of you though, it's just that a family can only have one leader. America has one leader...companies have one President....why is it so hard to fathom the family unit has one leader? Does that make me insignificant? Hardly. In fact, my husband values my opinion and sometimes even changes a perspective on something because of my input. I think people have a really skewed opinion of leadership. They will respect their bosses to the point of following requests...but somehow when a husband wants you to do something for scoff and place it on the back burner. Oh he's so bossy!!! What am I his Mother? I really hope we can re-think that attitude and teach our children the value of a Father's authority. How many kids do you know didn't get nervous when their Mom told them, "Wait until your Father gets home!" Even if a punishment didn't follow, I hated to have my Dad scold me. **random rant over** 

I really need some inspiration to get back on the ball. I am still feeling sick and so tired that I would rather go get a pizza than make dinner. The house is in disarray (gasp!) and that's normally not like me. This must be a nasty virus. No wonder my little ones were so cranky. So here we are....the 4th day of being sick and I am already bored to death with it. Still, I need to be thankful because it could be much worse. Writing does that to me....I start to grumble...and then The Lord shows me my ungrateful heart...I wince...then praise Him for His goodness. Such a gentle Shepherd.

In all the friends I have found through Facebook....strangely only one has been willing to debate with me about Christianity. Jesus is my hope and I try to make Him my main focus for everything!!  I wonder if people just don't want to debate because they don't care...or because they don't want conflict. I assure you, if you ever got in a debate with me...I would not hit below the belt and call you names...or insult you as a person. What I say might offend you, but I say it all in love and concern. I do understand that most people don't even really notice you on husband made me laugh so hard once..he told me that most people want to see what you look like and how successful you are then they are satisfied to move on...especially if you lost your hair or something....hahaha. That's true for some I guess. **random reflecting over**

I guess it's time for me to pull up my boot straps and get re-focused. When My heart is in order with God's home seems to follow suit. I pray if any of you are struggling with the same rut, you will find solace with God and His Word. I don't just mean the outward parts of your home...I have a feeling you know just what I am getting at....


  1. I agree with most if not all of what you have to say in this post. One thing I want to add is that in my years as a wife, mother, and a Christian, I have seen the most healthy churches and families happen when the man is the spiritual leader he is called to be. The current church we attend is a great example of this. I had a small tiff with a fellow woman. I thought it was resolved, but our pastor didn't want it to turn into anything more. He asked my husband to call the other husband and make sure all was well. It was actually really refreshing that our pastor did that, and that my husband submitted to his leadership. Our family is healthy and happy because my husband is the leader. He calls me his princess, which I love. In turn, my children will say "Dad, do you want to kiss your princess? Do you want to talk to your princess?" Etc. It is showing my children that my husband loves and cherishes me as Christ loves the church.

    Thanks, Season for the thought provoking post.

  2. Wow, nicely stated, Lisa. I had to share with my husband and he thought that was very good insight. Thank you for your encouragement!