Thursday, June 2, 2011


I got this today..

I have wanted one of these ever since I got married. For some reason I never picked one up....until now! 10 year I am excited to use it!

Look how pretty it is!!! I hope that I can make a nice chocolate cake drizzled with some type of sauce. Now it all depends on if this guy can help me whip up a good batter......

My husband got this for me after Emmaus was born. It's a 475 Watt high powered one and I love it!! Only problem is the grain grinder attachment I use to grind my wheat berries.....somehow caused the spinner plate to fall off. I am afraid to use it for that again, so I borrowed my Mother-in-Law's hand grinder (pain). Well, I hope to use it soon...but crazy times over here. I have contractors coming and going starting tomorrow through next week. We are getting the insulation sprayed in our addition and then the drywall comes...then the drywallers....I call them sheetrockers....and boy...the guy is a TOTAL rocker. It fits him to a tee :) I will post pictures....even if it's a disaster!! So until then....think of cake :)

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