Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Delicious Cake...Almost....

Since I got the disappointing news the insulation was not being sprayed last week...I decided to bake a bundt cake to get my mind off the never-going-to-ever-move-into-the-addition feeling today.

So, here we are at the beginning stages.

Bundt cakes are pretty serious business. I had to sift all dry ingredients. You have to have three separate dishes for adding in other ingredients alternately.

I always try to do dishes while I am baking or cooking so my after dinner dishes don't take up so much of my time. Am I weird?

After all that hard work....I put it in and hoped for success.

Hmm...not bad! I had to extend the cook time a little...glad I know about the toothpick trick or I would have had some runny cake :)

This taking pictures whilst I work is kind of fun...so I figured you can see my dinner as well. That was cooking when I had to cool the cake. Sesame garlic beef with snap peas and rice. Mmmm...

 Well, here it is. Looks pretty. Now I need to drizzle some chocolate on top.

There. Perfect. As I present the cake to my family....ever so pleased to show them my chocolate-coconut bundt cake...I try the drizzled chocolate...................it's unsweetened. Haha. Seriously. SERIOUSLY? Almost perfect. I served it with ice cream, so you couldn't even taste the bitterness. The cake is the best I have made. Oh well, at least it was delicious and I know now that I have UNSWEETENED chocolate squares instead of semi-sweet. What makes it sweeter is that the insulation is being sprayed tomorrow. Surprise call after cake and ice cream makes a nice night. Yaaay!!!

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