Monday, June 6, 2011

Results of Being Honest

I challenged you all to be more did you all do?? I have to admit, it was pretty easy for me because I really didn't talk to many people that week (smirks). I did, however, speak to a few people on the phone and one of them laughed when I told her I was cranky. It actually wasn't hard...then the week ended and I moved on as usual. It's not that I am a big old liar pants, but I have to admit (or I'd be lying) I am not honest at times. Either I do not want to hurt someone's feelings...I am not in the mood to debate....I embellish a little here...maybe even a little there...hey...I'm not being honest!!! I had someone hurt me this past week and she didn't even know she did. I felt she SHOULD have known because she was being selfish and not considerate to me and what I needed. But I didn't tell that wrong? Well...yes it is.

When we are faced with a decision and know we have to be times we pull back and either omit something or lie altogether about it. I seem to always point this out....but again...this is pride. You do not want to be looked at a certain way, you don't want to be made uncomfortable..anything...fill in the reason and it usually stems from pride. Why am I such a prideful creature??!! I have even found myself lying because my husband has said something to me that requires being honest to the point I feel embarrassed. He knows the situation and it makes me look worse when I back pedal and defend myself and ....lie... :( Come to think of it...maybe I am a little liar pants....or in my case skirt...I guess we all are to an extent. I understand there are times that you feel you cannot be honest when someone asks you a question....but I am going to challenge myself to answer honestly anyway. I will pray God will just give me the grace to do it! Why don't you guys try as well?

I have the gift of gab you might say :) Most of my thoughts come out without even a pause. I think very quickly and process things quickly...I'm a woman! My sister and I laugh because we are so much alike in how we break down our thoughts. I need to remember the Bible verses: Be still and know that I am God and Be quick to listen and slow to speak. I get carried away when I express myself and I need to be still...and wait until it's filtered through enough times to be true..and fitting. I am learning as I grow in the Lord I need to sometimes just listen. I will always be the person that has something to say. Sometimes that's just right..other's not. May The Lord continue to change me day by day and give me His wisdom as I grow....and seek Him.

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