Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where Do You Put Your Worth?

People can put their worth in many things. Some put their worth in the tasks they accomplish, some for the money they make....some for the people they love. We all draw our worth from a plethora of reasons; but there are, however, a few that are dominant in each individual.

I find my worth in relationships. I feel good when I am able to encourage a friend or connect with my family about something. I strive to have an open line of communication with my husband and desire us to never withdraw from one another. I tell my children I am sorry when I am cross with them and am open and honest with most that I know. I am not the type of person that gets up at the crack of dawn and weeds a garden for 4 hours. I don't find it very appealing to muck around chickens and find projects around the yard. I do some of it, because it has to be done and I live in the country...so I deal with it the best I can :) I love being in my home. Organizing, baking, folding laundry, changing diapers...the list is truly endless. You can't see all I do during the day because it is usually un-done within a short time anyway. Ah, such is life...and a blessed one it is :)

Whatever reason you have..wherever you find your worth...though it is good to have...it also has a down side. If you are the one that gets up at 4 am and weeds...you can become a slave to your duties. People can get in the way of your "to do" list and you snap at anyone who derails your plans. You could find yourself agitated that not enough has been accomplished. Your mood could even be affected by your long "to do" list. If you are not careful, you could hurt the ones around you that you love...you could make them feel like they are not a priority or that they are always in the way. If you are one that finds worth in relationships...you can get hurt that someone offended you and let it consume your whole day. You also could snap at someone due to that relationship grating on your heart. You can look at others as if they do not care about you because they are not investing time in your relationship. If you are not careful, you could hurt the ones around you that you love...you could make them feel like you require more than they can give. Either way is a hard road and lesson to learn.

I could talk about maintaining a healthy balance on this blog..but I do not think it would truly solve the problem. My husband told me the other day that I needed to find my true worth in Jesus Christ. My identity and who I am belong to The Lord. If I do not place my worth with Him, things get off balance and I lose focus. I get discontent with where I am..in almost every aspect of my life. Arrrrgh... I hate it when he is right...but he is so many times. He has been married to me for 10 years and sees me...knows me. He's so right. I knew he was right..but I argued my case still :) It takes me a couple of days for what he says to process..and after thinking about it and agreeing.. I told him he was right. Can I say right anymore times?!

I need to put God first. My perspective will fall into place. I am not saying that you will have no problems or anything like that... I am saying you will have a solid rock foundation. If you placed all of your worth in things...what would you do if you lost everything? What if your house burned down? What if you were robbed? If you placed all your worth in relationships...what if your friends turned their backs on you? What if you lost one of your children or your spouse? What would you have left? If you build your worth on Jesus and who you are in Him, you could lose it all and still stand. Because HE stands for you. I am not trying to use scare tactics to get you to follow The Lord, I am merely pointing out things COULD happen. They happen to everyone. I have a dear friend that lost her husband and was a young widow with two little girls. I have a friend who's house burned to the ground. Things happen..terrible things sometimes. But strip away all that you have and all people you know....what's left? What is holding you up? If it is yourself, it will not last long. You are finite and human....you get weak..tired...discouraged. Jesus will hold you up at all times, especially in the hard times. He is a solid foundation...the rain falls and beats down...but with Jesus...He places you in a house built upon a rock...you can hear the rain...but you are safe in His arms. What a glorious Savior.

There are some things about me that will never change...I  will always be a homebody and will enjoy the relationships around me...it's in my DNA :) I know there are some things that can change. God will change me...mold me...make me more like Him...and really....is there anyone else I would rather want to emulate? My prayer is that I make Him my focus...and who I am will be healthy....content....and (Lord willing) more like Him.

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