Sunday, June 12, 2011


Okay...since I just typed that....I guess it's not the WORST week I have had in my entire life....but it was pretty bad. Cranky kids, cranky Papa..CRANKY MAMA!

The insulator came and was SOOO messy. I feel bad for those guys, what a terrible job. Sweating like crazy and having all that insulation sticking to you. They spray the insulation, it's not the old school pink panther stuff, so it gets everywhere. The mess it left did not thrill my husband too much and I was told tarping your items was optional..but not that big of a deal. Well it was a pretty big deal. It got over everything. All over my husband's tools, everything.

Next day...the drywall was being delivered. They couldn't get in our driveway and told me they needed to rip out the mailbox and part of the fence. I tried to get a hold of my husband...but HE HAS NO COMPANY LINE. So I am trying to call his doesn't answer and the other makes a comment like he's not even at work....great. I hate bothering people. By the time my husband calls me...they had already called the big boss and he came up, turned the truck around and got right in the driveway! They delivered it through a window hole with no actual window installed yet. Talk about providential. There would have been no other way to get it I am thankful. Now my husband is wondering why I even bothered his bosses and called him....great. At least we got the drywall in the house.

The next day...Ugh. We had many miscommunication problems with the drywall contractor and my husband was NOT ready for them to come. We get a call at 6:30 in the morning and we had just started sipping on our coffee together...the drywall hanger is on his way! We had totes and tons of other things in the addition. My husband had been working so hard that week to make extra money and now he had to call in and say he would be HOURS late. Trust was NOT a pretty morning for any of us :) I was hauling and throwing totes all over the front porch...along with buckets and other random things. In the midst of the chaos, my 1 year old stuffs a whole roll of toilet paper in our toilet and then starts digging it out with his hands. As I bend over to grab the paper from him, he stands up and his head hits my lip so hard it immediately swells and my jaw makes a crack noise and hurts. Fun. My husband had to frame parts of the addition in so the drywall hanger could have something to attach the drywall to. The hanger finally came around 10:30 and started right in..he was nice. My husband leaves for work and stays until about 7 PM. The kids are cranky, they miss their Papa...I am still irritated from the night.

The NEXT day....the hanger doesn't show. We started to wonder if it was going to be one of THOSE jobs. We were thankful at that time we hadn't paid a dime. He calls in the afternoon and was sorry but things came up and he'd be here in the morning. Fair enough. Whew. That was scary for a mili-second. My husband worked on the addition most of the day and we were still cranky (all of us), especially me.

The next day....Anthony comes first thing! My husband goes outside to take care of the animals and our lab is in the addition on the top floor. The back window is not installed, so it's just an open hole (no, I do NOT let the kids in there). He calls her to come down so he can feed her....instead of her turning around and running down the stairs....SHE JUMPS OUT OF A TWO STORY WINDOW. Yeah. Nice morning. Miraculously...she's okay. Her foot is hurt due to the way she landed. Wow. So we go to church, come back and the hanger is still working away. Makes me feel bad he wanted to work on a Sunday. Turns out work has been slow for him. He did a great job. He brought his son both days and he swept up all the mess, including the insulation all over the place. Our lab was happy she has been getting all this attention. Lots of treats from us and Anthony..and son :) They pull out of the driveway..we walk into the addition...and take a deep breath. At least this stage is over. The rooms look like rooms now. No more bare bones, everything is as it will be. Wow. We start to talk about our plans for each room and both start to relax a little.

The contractors will be here tomorrow (Lord willing) to mud and tape. They will also fix our existing bathroom which I am so excited about. After that....floors and paint. This is becoming a reality. Long time waiting. I hope things will work out since I need to run my lab to the vet tomorrow to make sure she doesn't need anything else, I cannot believe she is fine. She's a tough one. Last year she was gored by a wild boar, so this is a cake walk for her.

Busy days ahead...BUT...I want to lean on The Lord this week instead of myself. This is what happens when He is not the center. My life seems more nerves frazzled quicker, nothing seems to be as it should. But when I am in His Word and communing with matter WHAT bumps may come along the way, I have Him to rest in and be confident all times. Looking back I see all the mistakes I made and why I need such a loving God to guide me. I am SO lost without Him! My joy is that God's mercy is new every morning and that makes me grateful. I can wake up and know it starts fresh. I do not have to be in this place, I can have The Lord Jesus guide my steps all day. My prayer is that I will lean on Him all day, week, month...year..until I see Him face to face and KNOW He is such a loving God to love someone like me. To be thankful He made a way for me to be forgiven. What hope, what perspective change. Okay Lord, I am giving you this day...every day.

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