Thursday, July 21, 2011

What, are you.... BLIND!!???

Sometimes we go through things in life and are convinced the picture we see is clear. We have measured it out and made a judgement based on all that surrounds us. The future comes and we look back.....were we wrong? Were THEY wrong? Then you see we were all blind. Every one of us go through life with a veil over our eyes. It could be a veil of perception, a veil of miscommunication....or a veil of deceit. You can be so convinced this one thing was said with a certain intention....and it wasn't. You could hear something someone says and take it the wrong way and it gets blown out of proportion. You could also think someone means well for you when in reality, they do not.

It strikes me as funny that one of the most common things we can point out in each other is hypocrisy. Is it because it's something in us, which makes it easy to detect? Who knows, but I do know one thing I am STILL learning. Communication. Some of us are wonderful at it...others....not so much. It is hard to have a relationship when you always misunderstand each other and then do not talk about it. Some people cannot handle the pressure and would rather bottle it up inside. Others are more than willing to confront issues head on...maybe we should all strike a compromise?! It's always uncomfortable to talk about any issue...but if it's not dealt are creating bitterness and turmoil in your own life and possibly the lives of others. I will do a little disclaimer and say this is meant for "normal" people. I am aware some are abusive and quite possibly, if pushed to the point, dangerous. I am NOT talking about those kinds of people!!

**Sigh** I tire of trying so hard to keep the peace with all that I love, but I am sure they do as well :) If you know anything about me, I confront most things head on...let's all try and be a little more understanding towards one another...and most importantly, honest. It doesn't do me any good if you are not willing to tell me what I can do to make things better between us...and if I keep my true feelings from you, I am doing you a dis-service. The Lord says that the peacemakers are to be called blessed, so onward we strive to do just best way that we can.....and most importantly...with The Lord's help:)

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  1. I can so relate to the miscommunication issue! My husband and I have had this communication issue in our marriage to the point where I thought there was some demonic influence. Upon realization of this, I immediately bound it up and cast it out. With God, all things are possible and now we are doing so much better. With knowledge comes power. The more we read the Word, the more the Holy Spirit opens up truth to us. I wish I had recognized this demonic influence years ago.

    Peacemakers are blessed and rare! I believe that God will bless richly all the peacemakers out there, especially the ones who sacrifice self for others in order to maintain peace. Now, granted, there is a fine line between being a door mat and being a peacemaker. We are also called to call out sin in our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not, usually, a peacemaking experience! However, being led by the Holy Spirit, can make a difficult situation into something peaceful and good.