Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Reflections

I was driving down our country roads the other day, on my way to give Chris a smoothie (we do it every Wednesday) and I looked up at the mass of trees and saw something. If I squint my eyes, I think I see the leaves just starting to turn. I got so excited. Fall is and has always been my favorite season. The cool, crisp air....the sweaters, the hot drinks and rich filling food. The smell of autumn spices...I could stay in the fall literally half the year. It gives me a sense of contentment that lifts my spirits and puts me in a grateful mood.

Perhaps it reminds me of the simpler days, when I was younger and growing up in Utah. Fall was a huge fun time for us. We did fun things in school, then looked forward to Haloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year. There was a lot of time taken off at school during the latter part of the year. Our school year always started in the fall, we never had year round. My parents would buy me new clothes and school supplies. It was like a mini-Christmas!

Now that I am grown and have children of my own, this time of year fills me with a different sense of nostalgia. Both boys were born in the late summer/early fall. August and September. I remember holding each baby with a sense of awe at what I had accomplished..having this baby that needs me to survive. As the seasons changed into winter..I saw my little ones change. They learned to walk...talk...sass. I am thankful they were born this time of year, it adds to the already sweet time and mood I carry.

Even though I have a little ways to go, fall is waiting for me....promising me vivid colors and smells. Every tree is always more beautiful when the colors change. Isn't that strange that when they are "dying" and shedding their leaves, they are at their best? Just like us...when we shed pride, anger, resentment...and "die" to that part of ourselves, we become beautiful. Have you ever met someone who is so humble and gracious they blow you away? Their kindness and sincerity keep you smiling? May we all strive to "die" to ourselves, so our colors grow richer and more handsome to behold.

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