Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I Won't Use Planners and Lists

I Love to organize. When things go my way, I know where everything in the house belongs. When I am asked where something is, I know just where to go :) But I have learned something about myself lately.

I. Despise. Lists.

Not shopping lists, or anything like that...I mean a planner, or a daily routine list. I have my routine stuck in my head, I do not need a reminder. I don't work out of the home or own a business, so I don't need a place to put my paperwork. My life is pretty simple... so it's That's about it.

I found this website I was impressed by a year ago. It had all sorts of planners and schedulers for your day to day and week to week duties. It was all spread out by month and categorized by season. I thought that since I am such an orderly person, I would thrive on this concept. So I caved and bought the material. Fast forward a year later and I am none the better. I tried it for a short time, but found I was not up for spending so much time writing everything down. My children are still so young and the needs vary day to day in my home.

I remember I had called a friend and told her about the material I was buying and asked her if she wanted to do it....her response still makes me smile....she was MUCH wiser in her thinking. She told me no and she didn't like lists, it made her feel tied to them and she became discouraged when she didn't do all she had set out to do. of right now..I will not go there. I have enough to worry about! Maybe when my children are older and school becomes a factor, I might reconsider. I am just content to stay organized the way I am doing it now and not spending all this time planning to organize. Although the concept is good and I know it saves time for some, it's not a good fit for me. There you have it....

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