Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Should I Forgive You? You Don't Deserve it!

There are times we get hurt so deeply..... we are effected so dramatically by someone..... that we hold onto the pain and refuse to forgive. We KNOW we have a right to be upset, they were wrong and totally wronged us. I am at a point in my life where that is the case in a few of my relationships.

But do you know what always happens? You start to lose focus, you become distracted.....bitter....angry. When you talk to that person who hurt you, a temptation to crawl through the phone and pinch them enters your mind (Ok maybe not you, but I sure do!). Your joy starts to disappear. You become ungrateful. You feel distant to others and worst of feel distant from God.

When we do not have a clear conscience before The Lord, we cannot have true fellowship with Him. When we do not forgive others, we are not forgiven. That's why we become so bitter. Even though our reasons for being hurt and angry are valid, God still calls us to forgive. I am....admitting where I am....and praying for a change. My sister Shelby posted a blog touching on worship. She mentioned that it leads to repentance. I really needed that reminder. I do not know where your heart is, but I can feel my heart grow cold when I am in conflict and stuck in a pit of unforgiveness...I can tell the very hidden part of my heart is not right when I am stewing. I need to humble myself before a Mighty God and have a repentant heart. To see unforgiveness for what it is....S-I-N.

You may be where I am right now...or not even close. To the former, please join me on this journey to's better, right....and it's what will actually change our hearts! To the latter...don't even go there! Be quick to forgive and do not get stuck in this mess!!

When we are grateful for what God has done for us, when we are humble and admit our sinfulness...the blurry focus becomes clear. We are no better than the next person. Just as guilty in many ways.


**Lord, I confess my unforgiving heart. I lay it before You. Please search my heart and show me what needs to change, Your Holy Spirit will do the work, I want to be a willing vessel. Speak to each one that reads this...bless them too. In Jesus' name, Amen :)

Thanks for listening....until we meet again.

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