Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring: A "Season" Change

Yes, my name is Season....I couldn't help the title :)

Spring is a motivator for me to get re-re-organized. If you know me by now, I  am pretty organized already..that's why I had to add the extra "re".

I love to take stock of what I have in my closets, move the winter clothes to the back of the closet and bring the summer clothes towards the front (did I mention I have a closet now??). I like to take stock of pantry items and plan for lighter meals. It's refreshing for me to step back and see what's to come...plan for it.

Since I am taking physical stock of things, why not spiritual as well? Am I in a place I should be? Do I find contentment in God's Word? Am I resting upon Him and Him alone?

I am looking forward to the many changes this Spring will bring. I hope and pray that as I de-clutter my home and make it even better...I should also be praying God will lead me in the right direction. That I will lean on Him during all changes of my life and trust He is in control. To truly de-clutter all the junk out of my life and heart.

May you join me on this journey...looking forward to change :)

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