Wednesday, May 2, 2012

B B what an R!!!!


I am on the plane, going home. I have passed the sweaty palms part at least three times. The flight out to see my family and part of the flight back has been turbulent. The flight to Salt Lake some girl next to me screamed due to the choppy decent, then a little girl puked right behind us. My flight back home some lady behind me started to have a panic attack and was breathing and holding onto the chair. I turned around and gave a thumbs up and made her laugh. Turns out she's a Sister in Christ :) We grabbed hands and acknowledged that together. God is so good. I even started to get sick on the way down to Denver..  I think I might DRIVE to Utah next time I come :) I am finishing the long stretch of my flight right now and I am hoping my coffee will come soon.

I'm too distracted to read...too distracted to listen to music...just thinking of how much I enjoyed this trip. I was bummed I didn't have enough time to see all my family and friends. The family and friends I did see I was thankful happy to lay my eyes on their sweet faces. Some of them surprising me at my Mom's house when I walked in the door. The surprise was on me, I guess :) It was so good to see old faces that I have known since I was a teenager. Dealing with children at coffee shops (so proud of you, Tiff), talking about things relevant to life and family....talking, laughing, talking, reminiscing. It was awesome. Michelle and her capability to have millions of friends and be awesome and down to earth (can't forget her daughter!!! She's just as cool!). Mikey and Rick, my friendship with them seems as if it's been forever. I have watched them grow and after all these years, they are probably the coolest couple ever. Mo, with her kick back personality, she's always a joy to be around. Lots of memories with her!!

I saw so many things on my trip that I can hold onto for a long time. My Brother's solid marriage, watching him and his wife have a sweet moment. Looking at Misty's absolute determination to be the best Wife, Mother, Sister and Daughter-in-Law. She blew me away. Watching Shush play games and catch up like we never were apart. Her humor and laughter are like a salve to my heart. Listening to my Mom and Stepdad talk about The Lord and laughing at comedians (Careful!). Admiring Jakobe and being so proud my Sister nourishes his talents. Adoring all my Nieces and getting a kick out of girls, I am loaded with boys! Jerra asking me for Vitamin C chewies (LOL SIS!!). Mom and Lynn waking up with me and sharing 80 cups of coffee. Grandma giving me keepsakes that made me cry and making me laugh...maybe that's where my family gets their wit. Alijah asking for a "swinkie". MaKaylah smiling and walking/talking just like her Mama. Jamie just plain getting me. Like only a Sister truly could. She's the reason I even got to go to Utah and see everyone (BOOM!). Megan with her quiet, sweet way. Enjoying us and fellowshipping with us. Looking at the man Joel is and how he's reaching out to our Dad when he needs it the most. It's our turn, Dad. Noticing how Lynn is an excellent Grandpa. I see how much his Grandchildren need him.... and his is very happy to oblige :) Then there's my Mom. The hub of the family. Trying so hard to be understanding with my time. Encouraging me to see my Grandma and giving of herself to make me feel at home. Thank thank thank you Mama.

Wow, I really felt loved on this trip. That's good for a gal like me. I was humbled they made me a cake, sang me Happy Birthday and took me out shopping. I am undeserving. So absolutely undeserving. I appreciate everyone taking some time for me and especially that I nailed Misty's and my song with Joel.

So after 2 cups of coffee and many tears (the girl next to me probably thinks I have a major cold) decent into Nashville draws nearer. I can go home to my sweet little boys and my dear Husband. I have missed them. Back to my simple little life on 14 acres. Back to the quiet....back home.

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  1. Well, when you come home you can see meeee! I'll be up there when Cat comes, and I know I'm your favorite sister in law. ;) Welcome homes, Seas!