Saturday, May 5, 2012

They Ripped off the Roof

I was just listening to Bible stories with my little ones whilst I clean and they color. The story of the paralytic played. You know the one....where he was paralyzed and his friends were trying to get Jesus to heal him. They were so desperate to have their friend be freed from his ailment they ripped tiles off the roof, then lowered him right in front of Jesus' face. Jesus healed him, he was made whole :)

It made me willing is my desperate is my heart to run to Jesus for healing? Am I willing to remove an obstacle that could be keeping me from my Risen Lord? Is there a besetting sin, unforgiveness, or even another I know of that needs me to come along side and help rip the tiles off their roof?

I am impressed by this Bible account because 1- Jesus didn't get annoyed. He saw their faith and had compassion 2- They KNEW he would be healed and 3- they banded together and aided a person that they cared about.

May we strive to see Jesus that way. He can free us from sin and make us whole.......we just need to be willing to rip off the roof :)

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