Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When Personalities Clash

Sometimes you meet someone...you immediately have a connection. You could see yourself being good friends with this person. Laughing, talking, latte'-ing- getting to know eachother.

Sometimes you meet someone...you immediately do not like them. They are polar opposite to you and their personality seems to grate on you. You cannot see yourself having a friendship with this person, you are too different.

When personalities clash or connect....the most natural thing to do would be to choose the person you connect with the best. I want to challenge you today. Is that really the right thing to do?

In some ways an immediate connection could just mean you can communicate and relate to that person better. It doesn't mean that person is supposed to be your good friend. Do they bring out the best in you? Tell you the truth? Challenge you when you mess up? If so, you are doubly blessed. But when personalities are so similar, you might be too open with them... say too much...depend on them to let you off the hook when you say and do things you shouldn't. Possibly even take you for granted. Maybe the friend with the opposite personality will see things through different eyes and be willing to challenge you to be better. They might not allow you to get away with the things you say, not take you for granted. See where I am going with this?

Now I am not saying to give everyone and their Aunt a chance...too many close friends complicate.  I am saying what you thought you might know about a person could be wrong. What you thought was a better fit....might not be the case.

I have friends with similar and opposite personalities. It has taken more work to get to know my opposite friends, but the friendship is unique and runs deeper than many of my similar friends. I totally did not expect to have such a long lasting connection with some of them. It stretches and refines me to hear something different.

If all you have are similar friends, let me appeal to you...even though it's a blessing and fun....give the opposite a  chance. You might find yourself with a friend you never expected :)

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