Saturday, July 28, 2012

You're Not Perfect?! Get Over it!!!

Perfectionism is disguised in many ways. It could be easy to spot on some, harder to detect on others. Regardless...I think most people have perfection-istic tendencies.

We just all need to get over ourselves.

Everyone knows....NO ONE is perfect. So why do we try so hard to BE perfect?

When you watch a movie, meet a person, read a book about someone....most of the time you can relate to a character that is not perfect. They might even have quirky qualities. I find much of the time the perfect people irritate me. I know there are issues in there somewhere!!? Why are they pretending they don't have any? 

This is not to say you need to have a come apart when someone asks you how you are doing. We can surely separate the personal with the social. We don't need to wear our emotions on our sleeve for everyone to see. You end up getting hurt when you allow yourself to be vulnerable to too many people.

It's the mere "air" about someone that exudes perfectionism. I was just talking to my friend the other day and someone was upset at her because she "acts like she has it all together". There is a big difference between acting like you are better than others and holding yourself confident. I see no reason confidence should be frowned upon. You can be confident....just don't be a snot. You can be confident you will bake a killer cake, or finish that project you set out to do, that's great........ just don't be stuck up, now!

Perfectionists are not only hard on others, they are especially hard on themselves. Some of them won't even try to do something because if they don't get it perfect the first time, they won't do it. Some will be hard on their children because they are having a difficult time grasping a concept or they are being clumsy in sports. My sister told me her friend overheard a father yell at his son and tell him he needed to "learn how to open a bag of chips accordingly". Really? Chips?

We just need to knock it off and get over it.

The only one on this entire earth that was EVER perfect was Jesus. Yes, we should strive to be perfect in spiritual things and the only way you can do that is to remove yourself from the equation and let Jesus live through you. Perfectionism has no room in a Christian heart. You end up looking at yourself and what you can do...what you want and expect rather than God. God is the only one Who should be in charge. We are to do things His way. Sometimes His way is against our "perfect" way. We might have to apologize for snapping at someone. We might stumble over our words speaking to a stranger about Jesus. We might risk having our house a little messy because we needed to volunteer help somewhere. See where I am going?

We need to not be so hard on ourselves....stop comparing ourselves to one another. It fruitless and destructive. It puts rifts on friendships and destroys marriages. It's not reality. Our houses might not be perfect, but the season of life we are in right at this moment is more important. I have 2 little ones I chase around the house. Look closely and you can see it's not perfect. Call me at 7 in the morning for something and you might just wake me up..not so perfect. Eat some of my food and see how bland it can taste, or maybe I even burned the dish...who cares. At least it keeps us humble!

Let's do our best but do it according to the demands and priorities around us. Put God in charge. Ask Him how your day should be shaped. Let go of the little irritations that bog us down and make us bitter. Stop.Trying.To.Control.Everything. Stop worrying so much about what others think of you. I know people who make decisions based on how others will see them. It's okay to be considerate of others...but you cannot let people rule you with trivial things. The only one we should be trying to please is The Lord.

So come on over for some just might find me in pajamas and slippers.....and see my dusty bookshelves. We'll learn to get over ourselves together :)

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