Friday, September 7, 2012

Expectations and a Summer's End Attitude

Most of you know me by now...and get that I dive right into the heart. So, we dive :)

One thing keeps coming back to me this year, especially this summer is we put expectations on everyone around us. If those expectations are not met....or not to how we wished they were fulfilled....we are hurt, angry, disappointed. I have come across this personally and it has caused me to have a slight 'tude. Ok....maybe not slight.....sometimes even big 'tude.

I believe it's okay to have SOME expectations of others, however; when you are dealing with someone who is different than you, may communicate in a different way, you will not always see eye to eye.

My husband and I are horrible communicators sometimes :) I talk talk talk talk and try to get him to know EVERYTHING about how I feel and he holds holds holds his in so I don't know where his heart is about things. I expect him to allow me to talk for a decade, he expects me to hold it in like he does. But- the right moment....when our hearts are right...we love each other just as we are... then we compromise for one another. He opens up to me and I stop talking....and listen. Then he listens....then we are communicating!!

I use my marriage as an example, but this is applicable to every relationship we have in our lives.

I have noticed my attitude with others due to their opinion of me and my heart in certain matters. But instead of loving them where they were...I was angry I would be questioned and hurt I was pushed away. This is something I struggle with and want to be set free from the bondage it causes.

I need to realize something....the people around me might not always be what I want them to be....what I hope for them to be....but neither am I last time I checked :) I need to be grateful for what I have with each person in my life. Instead of looking at what I don't have....I need to focus on what I DO have with that person. I may have to make boundaries to protect our relationship, but it should never be done with intentions to hurt. I do feel sometimes you need to either end relationships or at least distance yourself if it's not a positive one. Maybe in the future you can pick it up and try again. I am placing some of those down, just not with an attitude.

God calls me to love...and I pray I do it well. I pray God will soften my heart and give me a love for people that are acting downright unloveable :) I stumble and fall...hurt people as well- I need to keep that balance. If I want grace I should show it. That's when love really matters....when it's's given. Like a sweet fragrance to a wounded heart, love covers a multitude of sins.

So the close of the summer is at hand....and I can't wait until this weather cools. I am a cold weather lover...sweaters and coffee....round the hearth at home.

May we all take a step back and acknowledge our attitudes....ok....maybe just mine then...ahem.

I am guilty of not meeting expectations as well and I am humbled when I am loved anyway.

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