Monday, November 26, 2012

Secrets From a Neat Freak

I'm left handed. They say people left handed are more organized and orderly. I am not sure if that statement is true, however; my husband is left handed as well and he is just as tidy.

So here are some secrets that keep me neat. They might not work for you, but I hope it might give you some ideas in managing your mess :) I am not always faithful in managing MY mess this way... it kind of depends on the season of busy going on around my whirlwind life.

1. Before I go to bed every night, I make sure the kids pick up and put away all their toys. They earn money every day for doing their chores, so it's an incentive for them.

2. Before I go to bed every night, I walk around the house and put everything back in its place. If there are a tiny bit of dishes, I wait to wash them in the morning. If it's a sink load, I wash.

3. I make my bed first thing in the morning. Then quickly pick up anything laying around and put it away (there should not be much, I picked up the night before!).

4. When I dress the boys in the morning, we make their beds and clean up as well....same principle as my room.

5. I do laundry every time there is a full load. I do not have a designated laundry day. I hate those days!!! I would rather do 1-2 loads here and there rather than let it build up and take me all day to wash, fold and put away my laundry.

6. Toys are organized in totes by type. If the boys want to play with dinosaurs, I pull out the dinosaur tote. When they are bored with that, I have them put away the dinosaurs and we get into something else. They always know to put the old away before the new is brought out for play!

7. Dishes are the same as the laundry, as the sink fills. I don't wait for them to pile up like crazy...I stay on top as much as I can.

8. I clean the bathroom every day. It doesn't take me long, and with 2 little boys, I need to keep it clean!!

These are just a few tips. Keep in mind, there are days where the boys sneak into very toy known to man and it looks like a tornado hit. There are also times when I am away from home alot and I can't get to the laundry and dishes. Don't beat yourself up if you can't do this every time....just try!!

When my home is un-cluttered, my mind is un-cluttered. I have a hard time functioning in a mess. Don't get me wrong, my house is not spotless... it's just organized. Come over and you will see dust and work to be done...I don't want to paint an incorrect picture.

I hope you can benefit from my neat-freakishness :)

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