Sunday, November 4, 2012

"You Don't Even Know Me!"

My Mom used to say that to us when we were growing up in Utah. I have even heard her saying it recently. It used to drive me crazy. I mean, how could I not know you?? You're my Mom!! As the years roll by, I am starting to understand what she means.

Sometimes people have perceptions of you that are untrue, even unkind and hurtful. My Mom's response has always been, "You just don't know me." When an accusation was made about my Mom's heart or motive in a situation, she would respond with that phrase.

I have come to this realization.. there are many people who do not "know me". I have also decided, it's time to say goodbye to those people.

I have had friendships/relationships in my life come and go...but one thing I know to be true.... I need to let many of them Not that I would want any harm to come to anyone, or that I want to be bitter and forever upset towards these people. I want to have the right heart about what I am doing. It's just time to get rid of all the toxic people and situations from out of my life that weigh me down.....that hurt my walk with God. I desire the best for them, and hope they can be happy in the life they have. To be happy when they are happy, but still sad when they are sad. I need to start loving some people....from a distance.

You might say no one can hurt my walk with God. I choose for things to effect me for the good or ill. Well, that's where I am right at this moment. So whether you would agree or disagree...."It is what it is" (my Dad's famous line). If you "know" me, then you'd believe I wish the best for all involved. God commands for me to forgive and I will.

Are you holding onto to a friendship or relationship that is hurtful to you? Is it worth trying to prove yourself to people who "don't know you", won't know you for who you really are or are unwilling to be supportive and loving? I urge you to weigh it out and see if it would be better to let them go. If you counted the cost and think it's worth trying, good for you. I wish you the best.

** Disclaimer**
I am in NO way referring to marriages. That is a sacred place I will not venture. My situation is more friends and relatives. If you are having issues in your marriage, I urge to to hold tight and do the best you can to get through the tough season.

As for me, I am smiling already at some boundaries and changes that are happening. I still have many people in my life that I love dearly and are close to me, so I am not alone :) I will keep all the good things and toss out the bad, situations and all. Remembering that my husband loves me, my boys love me, Mom, Sister, Dad, Brother, friends...  what's there not to be thankful for?!

So off I go, into this new thing... hopefully I will learn and grow from it... and for some reason.....I feel freer. Better. Happier :)

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