Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

My long time friend, Rachael, nominated me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award :) Thank you, Rach!!

I've always loved to write. It's therapeutic for me and most of the time, I find out what I am really feeling about something when it's recorded. Even though I'm not the best writer, I enjoy diving deep into the heart; a place where most people hide their struggles and fears. I've appreciated the encouragement and have even been thanked for my honesty.

That being are three (honest) things I love about motherhood.

1. I love taking care of my little ones. Bathing, combing hair, clipping nails, feeding them their favorite snacks, kissing cheeks. I am a hands on kind of a lady. I try to kiss and hug my boys as much as I can and I will never tire of showing them affection. I desired children for many years, so I didn't complain of diapers and tending to my sons very often. I'm filled with a sense of satisfaction and thankfulness God entrusted me to keep a safe home for my little ones, where they are nurtured and can learn and grow.

2. They show me I need Jesus. I never realized how impatient I was until I had children. It amazes me how selfish I can be sometimes. When I am faced with that reality, I am thankful it is shown to me in such a loving way.....through my children's eyes. They are so forgiving and willing to forget. There have been times I have had to tell them I am sorry and ask for their forgiveness. My youngest son, Titus, usually pinches my eyes to "get my tears". Funny. God is so good and gentle showing me my selfishness this way.

3. I enjoy seeing their personalities. Anyone who has met my sons remark on their funny and bright personalities. My oldest is a thinker and holds everything inside. It takes him days sometimes for me to know what he's feeling. He's silly as well, so I have to try to get him to balance his traits. My youngest is an extrovert and you know where you stand with him at all times. He's loud and boisterous and loves to jump around. I have to try to balance his traits as well. I have a baby monitor in their room and I can hear their conversations. I laugh often at what they talk about. My husband and I nudge each other all the time at the cute and insightful things they say.

I will post who I am nominating for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award tomorrow!!!

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