Monday, March 4, 2013

The Apology of The Century...Medal Pending

After the "conversation" with my friend I mentioned in an earlier post, I went about my days. I knew I would see her at a wedding I was invited to and was determined to be nice to her and still keep my guard up....just in case :)

After the wedding, the guests were invited to the gymnasium for a light meal and reception. The line was miles long and we were one of the last families out of the sanctuary. I saw her walking out and we met eyes and smiled. Whew! That wasn't that bad! Now it's time to make ourselves scarce and then get out of here!

I had no idea she was waiting for me in the foyer. My heart dropped to my knees. She walked right up to me and gave me a hug....and then another..and another. She cried and told me she was SO sorry she hurt me. She loved me and didn't care what I looked like....her words were like a balm to my heart. She cried, I cried...then we laughed. I don't know about you, but I laugh when I cry. She does as well, so we laughed even harder and talked a little more. The guests standing in line were stunned. I was surprised at her reaction. She's normally not the type to show any emotion.

I don't think I could have ever been happier. I mean, I was willing to forgive her before! I forgave her earlier, but admittedly.... I was still deeply hurt by her words. Her humble approach and sincere apology erased all she ever said. Gone! As I walked away from the wedding, I had a new perspective on my friend. She showed me a side most people don't show. Humility.

It made me think of a few things. It made me ponder on if I would ever do that for someone. Would I be willing to make a scene and beg my loved one for forgiveness? Do I ever admit when I am wrong? Sadly, I am not sure I have been able to do that for most of my loved ones. I usually take forever to find out I was totally wrong and lame....then I normally apologize ages after the fact. There's something about reflecting on my life that jogs my memory and I feel terrible for how I behaved with someone. I guess that's what you get when you don't guard your words like you should.

She totally deserves a medal for her apology. You'd have to be dead in order for what she said not to move you. I can tell this solidified our friendship and I know we appreciate each other more than we ever have before.

I want to challenge myself to be humble like her. She was showing Jesus in everything she did that night. I was humbled, moved and later ashamed of myself. I really need to watch my words. May we all be willing to humble ourselves and sincerely apologize... I sure know what it did for my heart  and I am sure for hers as well :)

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