Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer...Pros and Cons

Well, it looks as if summer is officially here! I see activities outside, smell barbecues and long for the fall already! One thing about summer I always loved was going out on summer nights. Almost perfect temperature. Put an iced coffee in your hand and you have an awesome night ;)

There are pros and cons to summer. I have compiled the top 5 for each.


1. Barbecuing outside
2. Water activities
3. Camping
4. Cold treats :)
5. Family vacations


1. Sunburns
2. A desire to squeeze a whole year of activities in 3 months
3. Frustration when you see others on vacation and you are stuck at work
4. Bugs
5. Endless yard work that never seems to lighten

Even though these are my 5 guesses for you, it could be different. I personally don't like camping. I actually don't even care for summer. My Nordic roots keep me longing for cooler times. One thing I get from looking at this list is pressure. We need to strive to keep a healthy balance for our summer activities. We don't have to have the most awesomest vacation every year. We don't have to have something planned every weekend. Sometimes it's nice to have some family time in the summer and enjoy. Just chillin at home. No worries. No schedules. I think balance is a good thing.

So, I'm wishing you a great summer and enjoy this weather!

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