Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Self Control

My Mom bought all these cool Christian children's records when I was little. Among Nathaniel the Grublet, Psalty and Bullfrogs and Butterflies; one of my favorite records was The Music Machine. Fast forward to today and I am now playing these albums for my children.

One song on The Music Machine that didn't speak to me when I was young is speaking to me now! My 36 year old self definitely needs to sing this song over and over!

This is the only one I could find on YouTube, so excuse the quality.

One thing I never realized when I was a child was the fruit of the Spirit is a gift from God. We live in an age where people try to talk themselves into controlling their own lives; saying things that try to push them on or motivate them to whatever goal they have in sight. I think it is good to try and push yourself to do positive things like exercise, diet and lifestyle changes; however, when I think of self control, (you know me!) I think of the deeper parts of your heart.

Are you lacking in the self control department? Too hasty to make a judgement? Too reactive to your loved ones? Do you waste time on thoughtless activities when you should be doing something constructive? Eat when your bored or not hungry? Sure, we can motivate ourselves to do the right thing at times, but it's a fight some days. I am talking about a true heart change. Not having to fight for these things to become natural for you. That's where God does the work. Only He can make a real difference.

I am challenged in this area for many reasons. I want to be different and I have to keep my heart in check often. I think if we become honest with who we really are, it will allow God to transform us. My dear friend posted something the other night and I laughed out loud reading it.

"Sometimes, it's okay to take a step back and admit you're being ridiculous."

 Haha, oh so true. When I am able to admit to God where I lack, I then turn it over to Him and allow Him to do the work.

Am I insinuating you cannot have any free time or slip ups?! No, I love my tea breaks and pinterest just like the rest of them. I also have days where I want to velcro my children to the wall and take a breather! Remember, it's always balance this little lady craves.

I will continue to sing this song until .....well.... probably until I die!! Wanna sing with me?!

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