Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why I Decided to Delete my Facebook Account.

In the midst of the prep for Thanksgiving, my friend Rach challenged her friends to a Facebook fast. She requested we fast from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I immediately was down, as I had contemplated fasting from it before.

I accepted the challenge and took it a little further. I decided to wait until 2014 to get back on my Facebook page.

I have to tell you, the break was good. So good in fact, I decided to delete my entire account.

I have posted before on my thoughts about having a Facebook account, but as I was away from it all for a couple of months, I realized how much I truly dislike Facebook.

These are my personal thoughts. If you wholeheartedly disagree, that's fine. We all see these things different sometimes.

It was nice to not log on and wonder if something you posted offended a friend or relative.

It was nice to not read the bickering and fights.

It was nice to not hear everyone and their dog venting on their soapbox.

Granted, it is good to be able to express yourself; however, doing it on Facebook is like standing in the foyer at high school and yelling out your opinions and peeves, only to be surprised there are many out there not on the same page. When you have friendships, most of the time you either are like-minded or normally don't debate your differences constantly.

Airing out your feelings or view in front of so many people will obviously cause arguments. People are passionate about what they stand for.... would I feel comfortable proclaiming all that I feel or believe in front of people who don't know me? I have been out of school for almost 20 years. Most people truly do not know me, as I don't know them. It's possible for them to misunderstand me.They might (and have at times) taken some of my posts very personal and either argued with me or straight up deleted me.

Facebook in a way obligates you to accept all friends including acquaintances and family you hardly know. Sometimes it can be a good thing, but other times it can cause a rift because you are morally or politically polar opposite. Not only that, but when people see you are friends with one of your cousins and chose not to friend them, it causes drama.

Speaking of drama, during the Facebook break.....there was none really. It was nice and quiet, just my family mostly. I wasn't hopping on and seeing what everyone else was up to and then joining in the circus when I saw a post that displeased me.

It was nice to get a call or an email from people who really wanted a friendship.

Facebook has made us lazy. So lazy in fact that we sometimes stop sending family photos to each other and forget to call or drop a letter. It means more when you take the time to call or write.

I must have had a big head or something, but I thought more people would contact me :) This is another reason I am happy to leave the Facebook world. Who are my friends anyway? It seems for the last little while, most of my friendships are one-sided. Maybe it's because I was pursuing the wrong kind of friend. Not that anyone has been mean or anything.... I just got tired of pursuing by call or message and not having many reciprocate.

That's another trick Facebook does to us. We have so many people on our lists, the true friends sometimes get hidden in the mix. Facebook makes us think we are close or have some type of connection with each person on our list. When is the last time you two went out for coffee? Called? Prayed for each other?  I'd say maybe a handful.

I enjoyed not getting teased I was on Facebook. That's all I am going to say.... you know who you are!

It was nice to not hear what everyone and their dog is doing. I should be more concerned about other things!

I don't measure my worth (tongue in cheek inserted here) by all the likes I get and the comments on my page.

I DO see Facebook getting all big brother-y on us! Did you know that if you allowed it to, your friends can see what you bought on eBay, what you watched on Netflix, what you are selling on Amazon, what you watch on YouTube... the list goes on for days. That is a little too much information for my taste!! Why does a social website have to know everything about my life? There are even apps you cannot have unless you have a Facebook account. Companies are even looking at your profile on Facebook to keep track of you!! Employers are now firing people on Facebook! This is insane!

There have been people raped and murdered through contact on Facebook! So scary! It makes me wonder what will be in the future for my little guys. What dangers will they face in this ever-changing cyber world?

So that's it... . I am done. I am happier about my decision than ever. Especially when I hear and see all of the above on my husband's Facebook account. I'll glance over there and see him browsing.... and shake my head and say, "I'm so glad I'm off Facebook!"

*Side note: I am not opposed to social media. I have an Instagram account I use often. I don't want anyone to think it's all bad. I'm just picking on Facebook..... for now ;)

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