Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Focus on Eternal Things

I get so sidetracked sometimes.

I see what's going on in the world, hear some drama that is happening with the ones I love and get distracted.

I have this saying I made up recently and I feel it is true on so many levels.

My life would be a lot less complicated if people would just behave the way they should.

Am I right?!

Well, unfortunately, that will never happen.

My kids will bicker over the huge stuffed shark... whilst I am trying to get some peace downstairs. I'll  hear screams that shouldn't be coming out of anyone's mouth at 8:00 in the morning.

I'll have friends that turn their backs on me and realize my inner circle is much smaller than I could ever imagine. I'll feel used by some of them, snubbed by others.

The media, the music industry and Hollywood will continue to drive me crazy.

Politics will still drive me to the chocolate jar.

My chickens will continue stealing all the cat's food and leave a friendly pile of poop for me to clean up.... somehow knowing they are pooping on my brand new porches.

I'll still be fighting to keep all the pests out of my home. Vacuuming up spider webs that were spun overnight, dodging wasps that want to come in my door and chasing everything you can imagine that flies out of my living room.

So I need to stop focusing on temporal  things that steal my joy. I need to rest in the eternal perspective. Rest in God's Word and His promises. That is where I'll find peace from the chaos. When I can rest in Him is where I'll find contentment.

So, I'll make a cup of afternoon tea.... eat some chocolate chips..... and focus on eternal things.

And I'll pretend I don't hear screams coming from upstairs... at least for a few minutes :)


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