Monday, February 20, 2017

Checking in.... Again?!

I looked over my blog and couldn't believe it had been almost two years since I wrote anything. If you add the videos I shared, I have hardly written anything.

Oh.. I've been here, just going through life like the rest of you. Growing, changing, regretting, learning, etc. We'll have to catch up, won't we?!

I got rid of my YouTube page a while back. I deleted all my videos. I don't know.... I just saw the dangers of posting personal things. I saw people leaving hurtful stuff in the comments section on the vloggers I followed. I didn't want anyone assuming things or saying hurtful things about my family. I was very careful sharing my children on my videos, but I think what was the deciding factor was when I found a popular YouTuber's video about pedophiles sharing YouTube family videos. That was enough for me to listen to her warnings and get off completely. Apparently, she saw some of her videos on a strange website with other families' children. Videos of them bathing, getting dressed and stuff like that. Oh boy, she was appalled and angry. So, I heeded her warning and got off. Maybe writing should be my thing.

There are some vloggers that seemed to have dropped off the map as well. I get it, I really do. Putting yourself out there is hard. Especially when you have no knowledge of who is reading or viewing your stuff. Lines can get crossed. You might even cross some yourself and not even realize you've offended someone.

So maybe I will take my blog over again. Maybe in the safety of my quiet time I can get things out that are sitting on my heart. I feel as if I am such a different person since last we spoke.

It will feel good to catch up.

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