Monday, February 20, 2017

Since September...


I am not sure where to start. I guess I can give you some main changes.

**Side Note **  What I write on here isn't even decided. I may continue, I may not. There are so many others out there that have such an eloquent "pen". I am sure you can glean off much more from them anyway ;)

My mom got and BEAT breast cancer.

We updated some things in our house.... like a dishwasher. I never knew how much I loved one until I got married. Every apartment or home we moved into had no dishwasher. I have been hand washing dishes for almost 16 years! 16 years?! I mean, I know it can be done and it's good to do things old school sometimes... but that long?! My poor hands and back and neck and nerves. So easy and quick now. It's the little changes sometimes that keep us grateful.

I had a daughter. Mind blowing. I thought I was done. My youngest was 6. No girls for me, I was fine with my two sweet boys. Then there she was.... dimples and all.

I cut relationships that were toxic. Life changing. I had my self worth, esteem and feelings out there for too long. I was convinced I would never be good enough. I could never measure up to them. I was accused of things I said or did that weren't true. People meddled in my personal relationships. I allowed people to walk all over me. Then, somehow... after I feel like most of my life... I found a voice. I stood up for myself. I paid heavy consequences for it, but boy was it rewarding! Finally. A voice.... and I'm nearing 40.

We lost my grandpa to lung cancer.

I grew. Failed. Cried. Then I grew some more and realized more about myself.

Finally found a church I feel is a good fit. After being here for 9 years. Very different from what I would expect, but a fit nonetheless.

I got funnier.

God has been softening my heart. I feel a deeper love for people. I always have, but I feel it's not clouded by things anymore. It's clearer.

I still love chocolate and coffee.

My circle of friends is like... almost zilch. Maybe 1 or 2 from time to time. I like it that way. These people have earned my trust. So, I'll stick with smaller numbers, thanks.

I still have attitude.

I lost my favorite duck.

I realize how merciful God really is. I deserve to be put in the stocks sometimes. Ever loving... ever forgiving... ever gently drawing me.... my Lord.

It's good to be back for now.

I'll post what's on my heart, mind, or just plain practical tips from a minimalist's' perspective.

Until then....

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