Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cleaning Tips

Ahh, one of my favorite things to do. I actually love cleaning. It makes me feel like I am making my family's and my life a little easier.

I will give a few tips on what makes my life a little easier. I know people are in different seasons of their lives and these tips can be applied any way. If you can't do as much because you have a nursing baby (which I do at the moment), just keep the same routine and don't take as much time getting it perfect.

I posted about this years ago, but I try to shoot for something similar to it.

I try to touch a room every week, excluding the bathrooms. My boys and I clean them everyday. They wipe down the sinks, tubs, showers and toilets. I scrub the inside of the toilet and vacuum. They shake out the rugs and replace the garbage bags. I organize and fix anything they miss. Really, I am just training them, so I pretty much go behind them and help. Seventh Generation wipes are all they use. They love how easy it is for them. I wipe down the mirrors and wipe the floors down when needed.

I try and shoot for one to two rooms a day during the week for a full clean. Not a DEEP clean, a full clean, which means wiping down surfaces and vacuuming.

Let me lay it our for you:

Monday: The Living Room

I put away all clutter and remove anything that doesn't belong in the room. I vacuum the couches and chair, dust the tables and pictures and organize what might have gotten out of place. I then vacuum under the furniture as best I can and vacuum the rug. Then the pillows are fluffed, throw put in place and a candle is lit to complete the task. Am I weird? Is there anyone else like me that likes to show a clean room by a lit candle?!

Tuesday: The Bedrooms

Since we wash the sheets, might as well clean the room while we are waiting for the laundry. We do make our beds every day in the morning, Tuesday is just a little later. I put away all items in their rightful place, sometimes even organizing a drawer or two. I dust my furniture, wipe down the mirror, vacuum the floors and the rug. I then make my bed and add all my throw pillows. I make sure my closet is looking somewhat organized and fix anything in there that is out of order. Then light a candle and turn on my diffuser.

Wednesday: The Kitchen

I move all dishes to the sink and put away all items that do not belong in the kitchen. I load/unload the dishwasher (unless my dear husband does it, which he has for the last little while) and wipe out the sink. I love using Seventh Generation cleaning wipes. It's easy. You know me, I love easy. I wipe down the counters, stove, fridge and toaster. I spot clean the cupboards. Wipe down the kitchen island and table. Vacuum. Mop when needed. Notice I didn't say mop in any of the other rooms? Well.... I have a secret. I have a no shoes policy in my home. The kids only eat in the kitchen, so the floors stay surprisingly clean. There are times, mind you that I mop like a fiend. But that policy saves me a lot of headache and mess. Anyhoo.. I dust the hutch and spot check the windows and doors. Light a candle and turn on my diffuser.

Thursday: Laundry Room

Make sure there is no clutter. If there are folded clothes in there from doing the laundry, put away. Dust the desk and linen dresser. Organize desk if needed. Dust the washing machine and dryer. Vacuum the rugs and floors. Light a candle.

Friday: Mudroom

Make sure room is organized and everything put away. This is the room that gets the most cluttered. Shopping trips and purses/bags leave a mess. Sometimes my husband even puts the chicken's eggs right by the back door. So it takes me a while sometimes to put everything in place. Vacuum and spot check windows. Light a candle.

Saturday: Straighten Whole House

Pretty self explanatory. Just tidy when I need to here and there. Catch up on laundry if I slacked on my routine.

Sunday: Rest

Just pick up after ourselves and dishes is all we do.

Easy. It seems like a lot... but it's like a room a day for me. I also have a secret for keeping a clean and tidy home. I put my home in order BEFORE I go to bed.

I make sure my boys pitch in several times throughout the day. They are responsible for picking up their own stuff and cleaning their room (Tuesday). They also put away their own laundry. The only thing I do for them is dust and vacuum. They can do it, but I like being up there with them while they are cleaning and they chatter up a storm while I am going around their room, helping organize and optimize their space. They are responsible to put all their stuff that is downstairs back in their room. We put things at the bottom of the stairs to collect and then they take it up in their room and (sometimes) put everything away.

Evening comes and they put their stuff in order, my husband works on the dishes and kitchen and I usually get the rest of the house. Since I did everything the night before, it's easy to start fresh in the morning. It keeps me busy, but the house kind of runs itself after a while. Morning comes and it starts all over again.

I told my husband 3/4 of my job is literally putting things way where they belong. Haha.

I hope this helps or motivates you to keep a tidier, more organized home. Let me know if you have any tips!

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